October 06, 2013

What I Find Most Interesting In The Newspaper I Read

Essay : [What I Find Most Interesting In The Newspaper I Read]

English Essay on "What I Find Most Interesting In The Newspaper I Read"

What I Find Most Interesting In The Newspaper I Read

Some people read almost all the newspapers they can lay their hands on. Others read only one a day. Again some people read the daily newspapers form end to end, while others are interested only in certain parts of the their papers.

As for me, I read only one newspaper, namely... 'The choice was made after reading the various newspapers published in Pakistan, and with the approval and advice of my father. As my parents are not as rich as some other people are. I have to economies on all things including what I read if I ever hear someone praising some articles in any of the other newspapers. I go to the local library, where all the daily newspapers are available for reference and read the articles concerned.

I am most interested in the pages carrying reports of sports events and those bearing film reviews. My favorite game is football, but I am much interested in badminton too. I read very carefully the articles on these two games, and just browse through the articles on the others. The only sports articles that I don't read are those on rugby and boxing. May be these games are too rough for me.

Some people read the film pages for the life-sketches of their favorite actors and actresses I read them only for the previews and criticisms of the outstanding films to be, or being screened in our town. I am regular cinema goes, but strange as it may sound to you, I have no favorite actors or actress. Therefore I do not judge the quality of film by its cast.(4essay.blogspot.com) Through my perusal of the previews, reviews and criticisms of the numberless films that I have seen, I can very well judge not only the quality of a film on the whole, but the merits and defects of all the actors and actresses appearing in it.

As my father deals in second-hand goods and my elder brother has just returned from England and is looking for an opening, I do go through the advertisement.

Another page that I must not miss is the one on shipping, announcing the dates of arrival and departure of all types of passenger and cargo ships. As I live in a port-city visited by ships of almost all countries in the world, I make if a point to take a photograph of every ship of any description calling here. I have a large album containing the photographs of the ships of all sea faring nations and these entire photographer were taken by me. Have not I told you that I wish to be a sailor

I leave unread the pages containing financial news, as they are not of my interest yet, but I never miss the special articles-informative or historical and the letters from the readers. I go through all the news columns being particularly interested in the events taking place in our own country. I start reading the foreign news only after I have exhausted all the columns containing local news, Pakistan and Pakistani.

There are those who advise the young people to read the editorials, without fail. May be they do so because the reading of editorials helps improve one's command of English. But I seldom read the editorials. When I read more than one newspaper daily in order to decide which one of them was the best. I discovered, among other things, that in all of them the editorials spoke in different voices and tones, even when they dealt with one and the same subject. It appeared that all of them had different objectives and currents of thought, particularly with regard to local politics and international relations. Only after read all of them could I formulate a balanced opinion of my own So the choice lies between the reading of all those editorials daily and the reading of none. Since I buy and read only one newspaper. I have decided in favor of the latter alternative. After all, an editorial is not news, but views on news why should not I formulate my own views instead of accepting those of another person who may possibly be motivated by some personal or partisan objectives

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