September 30, 2013

Freedom of Press

Essay : [Freedom of Press]

English Essay on "Freedom of Press"

Freedom of Press

The press is a modern concept and the modern man can be said to be molded by the press just as once he was said to have been molded by his barber and tailor. It means today man’s opinions. May be even his philosophy can be shaped by the papers and magazines he reads. One will not be fair from truth if one were to say one can know a man by the paper he reads. Thus we see the press has become so powerful that it has come to be called the fourth pillar of the state.

The democratic system rests upon the assumption that the citizen has access to a wide range of news and views. Only then can be form independent opinion on many important things like the foreign policy of his government. Ultimately only his can ensure that his vote is based on fair judgment rather than determine by the coercion implicit in being forced to read and hear only the official view point of instance a good paper may weigh the comparative of candidate. For an election and thus help the

The paper is so powerful that governments are afraid of paper. Naturally therefore government, given the chance would like to control the paper. They bring forth gagging orders such that the press cannot publish certain things. The press is not allowed to know certain news and thus pressman are prohibited from being present. The news in the paper may be highly censored so that various political parties in a country run their own papers. In England, for instance there is the labour press as well as liberal press. In communistic countries the party controls the press, so that no other wind expect that of the party be allowed to below. The idea behind is quite obvious Each part wants to propagate the broadcast its view paper.
The control of the press by the government through it may be describable in times of emergency, is not so in normality’s. The control will kill the liberal growth of ideals and people will cases to grow. Just as the free air is desirable to keep the people healthy, today a free press is much important. Ta free and fearless press can expose individuals and groups when they err. They may even chastise erring officials. They may suggest a line of action and put forth proposals in schemes and projects of national importance. In short the free press can act as accelerator sometimes as also a brake sometimes.

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