September 03, 2013

Horrors of War

Essay : [Horrors of War]

English Essay on "Horrors of War"

Horrors of War

Points: Introduction – Two Global wars – It leads to moral degration – Wars in the present times – Conclusion

War has always been a merciless act. If we turn over the pages of history we find that conquerors in the past took delight in bloodshed, cruelty and plunder. Of all things it is the demon of war which we hate. The war-mongers may love it, but the common man wants peace.
Wars are always terrifying and horrible. The world has seen two devastating wars during the last sixty seven years in which both the victors and the vanquished were reduced to misery. Practically every country of the world suffered during these two wars. Millions of men, women and children had been killed and wounded. Millions of people had been made homeless and suffered from poverty, hunger and disease. The scene of destruction caused by these wars was horrible. Infect, ‘Hell’ itself was let loose.
War not only destroys the bodies’, but kills the souls also. Morals and manners go to winds. War passions of, human being are excited. They behave in a most cruel and inhuman way. Sacred, traditions are totally forgotten. Spiritual beliefs of many are shaken. Man becomes almost a beast.
Wars have become more dangerous in the present times. The numerous destructive weapons invented by men of science can put an end to the entire world in no time. Ours is an atomic age. The latest development 01 war-craft, the missiles and anti-missiles have made wars more dangerous and pregnant with a possible holocaust. The nuclear war, if fought, will leave no one as the victorious.
It is high time that the people of the world should realize the severity of war. They should try to preserve peace. So the U.N.O. came into existence.( Now our hopes are linked with the U.N.O. for preventing another World War, but will it be able to fulfill our hopes? It seems doubtful. The danger of World War III is looming high before us with all its dangers. In that case no country of the world could remain unaffected. There is also a possibility of bacteriological warfare. This could wipe out the entire population of the world. The very idea is terrible.
Let us hope that good sense prevails upon all. Let those who believe in violence learn a lesson from the horrible devastation caused .y the World Wars. They should hate all acts of violence in the settlement of disputes so that a world war is avoided.

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