November 16, 2013

Ban On Marriage’s Expensive Feasts

Essay : [Ban On Marriage’s Expensive Feasts]

English Essay on "Ban On Marriage’s Expensive Feasts"

Ban On Marriage’s Expensive Feasts

Our religion, Islam does not allow us to adopt or make such types of expensive feasts arrangements in marriages parties. Which obviously become the reason of unnecessary expenditures are being incurred on marriages in order to show only the rich family but Islam does not allow at any cost to make such hollow and absorb expenditure. Being a Muslim we have connived from the fundamental simplicity of Islam. Which educates us to follow simple and plain living

Why It had become a permanent tradition to give or provide magnificent feasts or meals on marriages The answer Is this that rich or great business families are socially and normally board to follow it as a matter of cultural and traditional demands. A large amount of money is spent out on marriages festivities. Which is practically of no use and supposed to be an unnecessary burden of the shoulders of a common man.

Now, at this stage, the Government of Pakistan has taken bold step in this regard and has Imposed ban on It and also pronounced a sentence and has imposed ban on it and also pronounced a sentence of imprisonment or fine in case of disobedience and it is applicable to all the subjects of Pakistan, At this stage Government has allowed only cold drinks and tea but all other sorts of food materials are strictly banned.( This step of strict nature of the Government has established a sense of comfort and easiness for common man. This decision has brought consolation and piece of mind.

Before the application of this act it was too expensive to bear it easily. Everyone had become helpless and was bound to follow the olden traditional festivities. But after along passage of time the Government had found it necessary to make some changes in order to solve the common category from this burden. So it had become compulsory to impose a ban.

Now this ban on marriages festivities has wiped out strain and anxiety of common people after being freed from such expensive luxuries.

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