September 09, 2013

A Badminton Match

Essay : [A Badminton Match]

English Essay on "A Badminton Match"

A Badminton Match

Last Sunday, we played a friendly badminton match against the Grammar High School. We had to play five games in all-four singles and one doubles. Our school was represented by Ali (Captain), Rashid, Hamza, and me.
The first two games were not well contested. Our captain easily defeated his opposite number in straight sets, 15-7,15--9. In the tame game, stretching over three sets, their secretary, nor bin Mat, beat me, 15-8, 4-15, and 13-15.
The next game was the doubles. Our payers Hamza and Rashid combined well and kept their opponents subdued in the initial stages of the first set. Later on, however, the home side staged a spectacular rally and succeeded in forcing the deuce. They even went on to win the first set, 17--15. The next set was extremely well contested. Once at least, the shuttle remained air-borne for well over five minutes, in spite of all the force and skill employed by the player in smashing or 'placing' it. At 13-12 the home side began to show signs of fatigue, and our players easily took two points and the set, 15-13. Strangely enough, our players did not put up much of a fight in the third set. Hamza appeared to be an exhausted right from the start of the set.( While trying to retrieve the shuttle form appeared to be quite fresh. They did not take it long to snatch the third set from our player. The lunch was taken with the score 2-1 in favor of the home side.
In the first match after lunch, I met their captain. Though he fought harder now than he did against Ali. I did not have much difficulty in beating him. His service was very docile, and his placing and smashing were often poorly executed. Instead of preventing him from smashing.-I provided him with as many chances to smash as I court. I won the game 15-7, 15-2, making it 2-2 so far as the score for the match was concerned.
The last game proved to be very exciting. Our captain took on their secretary, who had beaten me in the morning. The game started with neither player taking any chances or giving anything away. They produced many an interesting and exciting moment, particularly, as they tried 'to outdo each other At the same types of stroke. When nor lobbed, Ali lobbed in return. If possible opportunity offered to him. By the time the first set had been concluded they had tried so to say, all the arrows in their quivers. They had experimented with slow and simple services and simple services, resorted to fast and tricky ones, and executed placing, lobbing, and smashing. After trailing behind Ali, 3-10, nor made a spectacular come back. He went on to force the deuce and to take the set, 15-13. The next set went to Ali.
The last set was thus the key set of the match. Both the players were tired and panting for breath. Ali kept the lead. When the score was, 8-7, the courts were exchanged. Not realizing that he was very tired, Ali tried' to jump over a desk lying beside the court. His leg was caught in it and he fell on the overturned desk. His back was hurt, and his right foot, sprained. He tried to ignore the injuries as far as possible, but faiJ0c! to regain his form. Nor won the set 15-8.

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