November 16, 2013

An Evening Walk

Essay : [An Evening Walk]

English Essay on "An Evening Walk"

An Evening Walk

Usually, I play games on the ground adjacent to our house, in the evening but yesterday, I could not find enough companions for a game. I, therefore, assembled my younger brothers and sisters and went out for an evening walk with them. There was just half an hour before sunset. The shadow of the hill to the west of our town was so long that it spread over more than half of the town. Though the sun had not yet set, we had little sunshine in our part of the town.

As we were going past the town Ahamdabad, we saw a huge crowd of people assembled there. They were shouting and clapping their hands. They were witnessing a key-match in the football league. My brothers wanted to see the match for the last few minutes, but I wished them to continue our walk.

We had not gone far when a cavalcade of motor-cars overtook us. This meant that the match was over. The cars were followed by bicycles. After a few minutes, however the rush of traffic abated and we were once more left to ourselves.

As we left the town behind, we met many parties of laborers and workmen returning home after their day's work in the rubber-estates and in the tin-mines. They were all very tired.( This could be judged form the manner in which they walked. But they were very happy they sang songs and joked with one another.

Now we could see the sun and the sunshine once more. The setting sun appeared like a burning disc. It was deep red in color and made the sky in the west appear red, too. It was an unforgettable sight.

After a few minutes, the sun disappeared completely. For some time, we witnessed a wonderful occurrence, and there was no sun in the sky, yet we could see everything around us.

The birds in the trees of the various rubber-estates were chirping their loudest. It was time for them to return to their nests, they appeared to be greeting one another at the end of the day's companionship or separation.

We were so much absorbed in admiring this wonderful scene of that evening, that we forgot that it was getting darker and darker every moment. By the time we reached home, there was little daylight left.

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