December 08, 2013

Visit To A Market At Its Busiest Hour

Essay : [Visit To A Market At Its Busiest Hour]

English Essay on "Visit To A Market At Its Busiest Hour"

Visit To A Market At Its Busiest Hour

The market in my town is a large one. It is situated in the center of the town and it has a number of open spaces on all sides. It attracts large crowds of buyers and 'sellers daily, especially on Sundays.

Last Sunday, instead of going for a morning walk in the country, my friends and I decided to visit the market. When we left our homes in the out skirts of the town, the streets still appeared to be deserted, But as we approached the market. We met more and more people travelling to it or returning home after having made their purchases,

When we arrived at the market, we were rather surprised to find a large crowd of people already awake and at work especially on a Sunday. The crowd steadily increased in size. Soon there were so many people there that they could not move without having to squeeze past one another.

The car park near the market was packed to capacity many cars; unable to find a parking space, had to keep on moving around the market-square, in order to avoid obstructing the heavy traffic. Some wiser driers, however, parked their cars in side-streets and walked to the market and back, Bicycle-tenders were doing good business, but most of the bicycles were left untended.

The scene inside the market was very confusing. The noise made by stall-keepers and their haggling customers was so loud that one could hardly hear oneself speak. It was a matter of great mystery to me how one or two persons looking after a large stall could attend to so many customers at a time and these customers were not all of quiet type. Some wanted to pay less for a measure while others who took hold of some extra quantity of the goods bought. Often the shopkeepers 'snatched back the things from the hands of such pilferers. I think most of the people there did not like to make what we may call a quiet bargain. They appeared to be enjoying their haggling and quarrelling.

The market presented the proverbial scene of the fish market, but the fish-stalls were, perhaps, the quietest part of it. The poultry stalls, naturally, had the worst odor of all.( Besides the regular stallholders, there were many casual sellers; they did business on the pavements and other open spaces. Their prices were not as high as those quoted by the regular stallholders. Consequently, they attracted more customers arid sold faster.

But buyers and sellers were not the only people crowding the market. There were many 'sightseers besides. Also there were the children who were there simply because they had to follow their parents. I think people should visit the market only when they have to.

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