November 16, 2013

Computer -The Craze And The Need of The Age

Essay : [Computer -The Craze And The Need of The Age]

English Essay on "Computer -The Craze And The Need of The Age"

Computer -The Craze And The Need of The Age

Computer has brought about an amazing revolution in the life around In the present day world. Its use, now it so seems, has become a necessity, and has created for itself Indispensability. Whether one goes to a railway station or to an airport for reservations; goes to the market for purchases or to any bank to withdraw money or to known the balance of one’s account – on the table or the counter is the computer telling one in no time all the details that one wants to know.

Does It not look wonderful that sitting in one city up north one can get his reservations In trains done or cancelled in deep South of one’s country thousands of miles away; or to perform the same feat In one’s air-travels from one country to another. Messages can be transmitted in the twinkling of an eye on E-mail or Fax. Letters which used to take days and even weeks sometimes are sent and delivered right here and now.

Money can be withdrawn from one’s account by Just pressing the button of the booth of our bank by the road side, sliding Into it one’s account number card and crisp notes are available In another slot of the same machine no hassles of presenting the – cheque, asking, for the, balance or getting the payment-everything so automatic and -so quick.( In the busy world as of today, going busier every day, such ready service is saving so much time, so much energy, so much manpower which can be better utilized In some other profitable pursuit. In the medical science, particularly in the field of surgery, unthinkable and unimaginable feats are being performed-all with the help of computerized gadgets.

It should not now be laughed at as a craze, it Is now the need of the age and now when we have entered the new century, we cannot Imagine what further wonders are in store for us.

So what this computer is – This must be a natural inquisitiveness. A computer is defined as an electronic device, which has the ability to accept data and instructions; store them, perform mathematical and logical operations and output the results. What Is Important about computers Is their characteristic, which are – speed, storage, accuracy and versatility. Taking up these characteristics one by one, speed Is to be found In the operations of computers, which are caused by electrical pulses. As the electricity travels at the speed of light, a computer too can perform Innumerable number of operations In Just one second. This speed is measured In nanoseconds – one nanosecond Is equal to billionth of a second.

So far the capacity of storage Is concerned, It has a very large storage capacity. The contents of around two hundred sheets

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