September 04, 2013

Well Punished

Essay : [Well Punished]

English Essay on "Well Punished"

Well Punished

The bell rang, and we marched out of the school. At the gate we were met by two of my friends form another school in the town. They suggested that we should go swimming at a spot about five miles form our school. I did not like the idea, as I knew that my mother had already lain the lunch on the table, and that she herself would not eat until I returned home. I knew too that my father would punish me severely if it was brought to his notice that' had returned late from school. But my friends pleaded so vehemently and incessantly that I had to yield to their wishes.
Two of my friends from my own school also joined us. The five of us left for the river. As we approached the main road we began to pedal much faster than before. There would have been no harm in only riding fast, but we rode five abreast. All of a sudden, there appeared a huge car moving towards us. It was moving at a very fast speed. There was no time to return to our side of the road and ride in a single file before it was almost on us. We became panicky, and fell down our bicycle.( There lay the five machines in a sprawling heap with the riders caught between them. Being on the extreme left of the party I had to receive on my legs, the weight of the bicycle as well as of my companions. Before my friends could scramble out of their machine and lift the latter off me, my legs had been very badly sprained. I even suspected to have suffered to multiple fracture of the right leg.
Now there was no question of our proceeding to river I could not even stand up and my bicycle had been bent and broken. It could not even be pushed along the road. With their, shirts and their bicycle, two of them devised a sort of stretcher on wheels. They laid me on it and pushed to the hospital the other two dragged or carried my bicycle to a repair-shop.
I was not hammered by my father. Nor did my mother scold me for letting our lunch grow stale. I had been punished severely enough.

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