March 09, 2015

Which Is Better-To Be Tall Or Short

Which Is Better-To Be Tall Or Short

English Essay on "Which Is Better To Be Tall or Short"

We all grow naturally. If we are tall, we cannot shorten ourselves. Nor can a short person find any means to increase his height. Advertisements of medicines and courses to help people grow taller carry no conviction. Yet it is an interesting question whether it is good to be tall or short.
Generally speaking, it is agreed that it is better to be tall than to be short. A tall person, even if the has ordinary features, has an impressive personality. Wherever he goes, he attracts attention. Even strangers respect him. A short person may be extremely able, yet only those who are quite familiar with him will respect him. A short officer is recognized as such only by his subordinates, but a tall person is respected by all including his superiors.
In sports and games, a tall person always does better than the one who is short. A tall runner can run faster, and a tall jumper can jump both higher and longer. On the football field a tall player can both defend and attack more efficiently than a short player. A short footballer may be more active than a tall one, but a forceful kick by the latter will send him rolling along as well as the ball.( This is equally true in other games.
A tall person can take things from high places without having to use a chair or a stool to stand on.
There are some people who maintain that it is a disadvantage to be tall. They say that a tall person has to spend much more on his clothes and food than a short person. If a tall laborer is stronger than those who are not as tall as he is, he has to work more without getting any additional wages. If a tall person goes visiting his friends or relatives, he seldom finds a bed long enough for him. If he has to pass through a low door, he is sure to knock his head unless he is careful. A tall man looks clumsy if he is thin he looks like a bamboo stick. In many Asian countries it is thought that tall people are dull.
But all these arguments sound like the arguments of the jackal that after losing, his own tail advised other jackals to get rid of theirs, We should learn to be content with our natural heights.

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