February 07, 2013

Environmental Pollution

Environmental Pollution

Our movement into the 21st century has neither been smooth nor very happy as we find the atmosphere and water increasingly polluted. In the cities, the air is getting dustier and dirtier, and this atmospheric pollution is becoming troublesome and dangerous to everyone, rich and poor alike. Our modem civilization is basically responsible for the pollution in the atmosphere. Let us discuss the causes of this atmospheric or environmental pollution.4essay.blogspot.com

Firstly, the tremendous rise in population or population explosion is much, at the basis of the pollution problem. With the increase in population, we need more houses, more motorcycles, cars, buses and other vehicles emitting smoke and gases. Naturally, forest areas are reduce, trees are cut down to make room for houses with the result that there is more of carbon dioxide and less of freshness in the air. Secondly, the setting up, of industrial centers and factories in areas close to cities and town adds to the already existing pollution. No doubt cities go on expanding and reach close to industrial areas of estates outside: But through careful planning residential areas can be located very far away from industrial complexes.

Thirdly, tons of garbage and industrial wastes are dumped underground or in rivers and seas. This causes insanitation, killing of fish or sea animals or harms their growth. Falling oil from ships in the ocean proves dangerous to the sea life. The atomic wastes of atomic reactors thrown into the sea contaminate the water over long distances.

In the fourth place, the burning of chemicals and giving out of carbon dioxide and other gases by heavy machines and cars add greatly to atmospheric pollution. Besides heating the earth, it causes storms, floods and dryness. The air that we breathe gets impure and we can fall ill more easily. The burning and air-conditioning processes disturb the ozone layer above the atmosphere dangerously. The disturbed ozone layer does not stop all the dangerous ultraviolet rays from reaching the earth. This causes too much heating of the earth.4essay.blogspot.com

In the fifth place, noise pollution is no less painful and harmful than the pollution caused by gases and chemicals. The sounds of horns, machines, flying aero planes, weapons in operation, loud speakers and music sets and loud cries and quarrels of people pollute the atmosphere badly. This noise pollution disturbs the mind, upsets regular work or study and helps in causing nervous and mental disorders. It is necessary to reduce noise pollution as much as possible by educating and training the people.
Added to the above kinds of pollution is the visual pollution of advertisements in the cities, towns and on the highways. There, are unending series of billboards or hoardings, banners, illuminated pictures and slogans in support of industrial and other products and services. There should be a limit to this commercial advertisement activity that affects the vision and peace of mind.4essay.blogspot.com

We should act quickly to check the different kinds of pollution as discussed at the Earth Summit in Brazil in 1992. Population growth needs to be controlled immediately, especially in the developing countries. Carbon dioxide and other gases should not be emitted in disturbing quantities, and so on.
We need to understand the true dimensions of pollution. While it is manageable at present, it will get out of control as we advance farther into the new century, if we do not activate ourselves for pollution control.

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