April 28, 2012


Points: Introduction - Dog tamed from the earliest times of human history - Many kinds of dogs with different strong points Dog's love and faithfulness.

The dog is an animal belonging to the some family as do the wolf, the jackle and the fox. But all these are still wild and untamed by man: while the dog has come under the influence of man and has been tamed by him and has been used as his friend and servant from the very earliest times.

There are many kinds of dogs. There are big and strong dogs like mastiffs and wolf-hounds that are used by hunters in hunting wild animals. There are petty lap-dogs and poodles and Spaniels and Pekinese, which people keep as pets.

When wild, the dog is very ferocious. It lives on flesh, and kills even wolves and tigers. When it is tamed, it is very obedient and faithful. It then lives on milk, rice, bread and meat, and becomes man's friend and servant. When it becomes mad, it is dangerous to man; and men bitten by a mad dog develop hydrophobia and die.

Dogs are very intelligent animals, and can be trained to do all kinds of useful work. Some kinds of dogs make good watch-dogs and guard the property of their masters against their thieves. In polar regions the dogs are employed in dragging sledges over the snow. The famous St Bernad dogs are trained to search for travelers lost in the snow on the Alps and guide people to save them. Many kinds of dogs are used in hunting. Fox-hounds are known for their keen sense of smells. Other kinds of dogs like grey-hounds and deer-hounds are known for speed and keen sight which are so helpful in chasing and killing wild animals. In the Great War, many dogs were employed in carrying messages during a battle. The cleverest kind of dog is the sheep-dog. It can very easily understand all the signs and terms employed by its master. It watches a flock of sheep and goats almost as well as the shepherd himself can.

The dog has been called man's best friend. Many people who possess dogs feel that the latter are their real companions. This is not only because dogs are more intelligent and clever than most other animals, but because, when they are treated with kindness and sympathy, they are extraordinarily affectionate and faithful.

Our friends may desert us; our relatives may turn cold shoulder to us, but the dog will ever remain faithful to us. Even when riches take wings and reputation falls to pieces, a faithful dog is constant in its love. Such is the faithful nature of the dog which, if properly treated, proves to be a constant friend of men in this world full of troubles and miseries.

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