August 17, 2013

Man Is Born Free but Everywhere He Is In Chains

Man Is Born Free but Everywhere He Is In Chains

Points: A social being is not allowed to move and act as he pleases – Freedom begins to wear out as one advances in life.

When a man is born, he is free, for he is then above all sorts of bondages, social political, moral and spiritual He is not then related to any one and no one is related to him in any way. He then enjoys absolute freedom. But as he proceeds in his life’s journey and advances in years he finds himself bound by chains quite unknown to him. In his infancy, he cannot live by himself, but has to depend on his mother’s fostering care for his life. As he grows in years he finds that he cannot do anything and everything according to his own sweet will. His movements are restricted and his speech, whenever it is undesirable or foul, is checked and he is rebuked and admonished. He wants to play all day long, but cannot and has to submit himself to the discipline of his school.
When finishes his education he marries, but finds himself more and more in chains. He cannot enjoy a life of ease. Which his heart eagerly hankers after, but has to lead a life of drudgery for maintaining his parents, wife and children. As a social being, he is not allowed to move and act as he pleases: he is to submit to social laws and curb his liberty in relation to and for the sake of others. As a citizen, he is to obey the laws of his state and whenever he transgresses them, he is put to disgrace. In matters religious affairs he is to live with the people of his religion in harmony and cannot violate its laws without

We thus see that at the time of birth a man is quite free, but this freedom begins to wear out as he advances in life. The more he grows in years, the more does he find himself in chains.

In this way he is compelled to surrender all his freedom to the world he lives in and regains it in to only when he cuts off all connections with it and departs from it forever.

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