February 21, 2013


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Points: Cricket is an interesting out door game – the match – First innings for the colleges eleven – Innings of the University Eleven – and the end of the match.

Cricket is very interesting outdoor game. I am very fond of playing cricket, and I am a member of our school eleven. I am equally fond of watching a really good match. The other day I went to see a very fine match between the India and Pakistan.

It was a fine day. A large number of people had gathered to witness the cricket match in the National Stadium. The captain of the Pakistan team won the toss and elected to bat, and the Indian team took the field.

The two batsmen who went in first were quite good players. One was a good hitter, and punished the ball and all over the field whenever he got it. The other was very careful, and most of the time simply blocked. He did not care for the runs. The bowling was strong, and the boy who played a steady game was not able to score at single run for the first fifteen minutes, but the other was securing them rapidly. But he soon paid for it; he was caught out smartly at mid off.4essay.blogspot.com

The next four players were dismissed very quickly two bowled, one caught out and one out leg-before wickets. All of us thought that the Pakistan team would soon be all out. The score stood at fifty. However, the captain made a stand and, with the help of the steady boy who kept in with his blocking, was able to pull up the score to a hundred. The captain played very cautiously but before he could make some more runs, he was run out. The whole eleven were out for 150 runs.4essay.blogspot.com

We felt that the Pakistani team would lose the match, but Indian team did not have such an easy time as we expected. The Pakistani team had two very good bowlers one very fast, and the other spinner; and they gave their opponents a very tough time.4essay.blogspot.com

The Indian team made rather a poor start. Their first wicket fell in about ten minutes when the score was only ten. However, their captain cheered them up and made a great stand when he was caught out at 70. Then their wickets began to fall quickly. The game seemed to point to a defeat for the Indian team. But when their ninth and tenth player came to bat, their hopes revived, they hit and drove one of the fast scores reached a hundred. At last one fine catch sent one of the fast scores off the field. But the last man was a daring batsman whose two hits won applause from the crowd. They had now only thirteen runs to make a win the match. They struggle for runs, and great was the joy of the Indian team when the score stood at 115. But as ill luck would have it, one slow ball tempted the player to hit a six but he was clean bowled. The Indian team loss the match by five runs only.

It has been agreed that it should be a one innings match, so this meant victory for the Pakistani team. But though the Indian team lost the match they gave an exhibition of some fine cricket.

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