September 12, 2012



Points:Location – Atmosphere – TheLibrarian – Descriptionof books – Advantagesof library – Conclusion.

Our college has a splendid library. It is located in a very big space in the remote corner of the college building. You may feel baffled by the neat and orderly array of books when you enter the library for the first time. There are severalrooms in the library. A room is allotted to reference books. These books cannot be taken home. Students study them in the library and take notes from them. Another room is meant for the teachers. A fairly big reading room is attached to the library. It is always crowded. You find all leading newspapers, weeklies, periodicals and magazines in the reading room. In one corner of the big hall, you find catalogues of books. In another corner of the hall there is a counter where the library assistants issue books to the students on production of the library cards.

A cosy atmosphere prevails in the library. A silence, which you are not accustomed to, prevails all around. Of course, a low humming sound comes from the reading room despite the repeated requests for perfect silence from the man in charge.

Mr. IdreesSiddique is the librarian of our collegelibrary. He has been working as a librarian for the last fifteenyears. He is a fine gentleman with a pleasing nature. He isalways ready to help a student in finding a book.

Our college library contains books of nearly all descriptions – literary, scientific, historical, biographical, political, religious, technical and social. Our college library also containsbooks on fiction, art, painting, music, etc. Our library contains, I am told, as many as fifteen thousand volumes.

The advantages we derive from our library are greatand many. History books tell us of the past; geography tellsus of other countries; books on astronomy, physiology,physics, chemistry and biology open our eyes to the beautifuland wonderful creations of God. Biographies of greatmen remind us that "we can make our lives sublime". Talesof travels, adventure and exploration fill our hearts withinspiration to wander abroad. Novels give us recreation inour leisure hours.

Our college library is a great boon.Life would be dullwithout it.

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