October 08, 2013

Importance Of Discipline

Essay : [Importance Of Discipline]

English Essay on "Importance Of Discipline"

Importance Of Discipline

Mankind is the most sensible creature in the whole universe. We, the humans, have been given many qualities that make us different from rest of the species. Wisdom, knowledge, imagination, creativity, ability to communicate and many more are the characteristics man is superior with. From all these God-gifted qualities,

one important and self-generated capability is being disciplinarian. It is a unique property that can enrich both individual and social lives. A society or an individual can manipulate himself convincingly through providing discipline in every walk of life. At home we have to observe discipline. We cannot rear up good children, if there is no discipline.

A house, where there are no disciplines, is just like a hell. So discipline should be enforced on children at home. The home, infect, is the first place to teach the value of discipline.

In practical life the same discipline dominates all human activities. Those who obey rules and conduct their life accordingly are happy but those who violate are un happy and suffer. Discipline works everywhere.(4essay.blogspot.com) It controls our movements and activities. It controls our morals and even our religion. There is no sphere in heaven and earth where discipline does not work.

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