February 12, 2013



Points: Introduction – His appearance: and dress – He is all powerful in the bus – He is hot well heaved – A hard working person – Conclusion.

A bus conductor is a useful public servant. One comes across a bus conductor at least twice or thrice a day .Wherever buses run, we can see the bus conductor.

A bus conductor has a typical appearance. His dress is always shabby. A leather bag hang by his left shoulder. Though he is an ordinary person, yet he is very important for the society. He comes in touch with everybody and so he is familiar to all.4essay.blogspot.com

A bus conductor is all powerful in the bus. He gives one pull and the bus comes to a stop; two smart pulls on the bell and it must start. He exercises full control over the passengers. It is wonderful to see that he alone tackles such a large number of passengers with great authority. He delays a bus when it is not full.

Generally a bus conductor in Karachi’s not a well behaved person. He is very rude and rough in his behavior with the travelling public. He moves freely pushing and pulling the passengers to and fro in order to accommodate more and more passengers. Sometimes he leads the bus to a point of suffocation. No one dares to challenge him.4essay.blogspot.com

Despite his personal defects, a bus conductor is a hard-working person. He looks always busy. He announces the entire route of the bus at every bus stop shouting at the top of his voice. It is really a hard job to issue tickets to so many passengers. He counts the change quickly and issues the right ticket to the passenger. He works very hard and his duty hours are often very long. A bus conductor is not a well-paid person, yet he earns a lot through his commission from his employer and sometimes by foul means.

We should acknowledge the services of a bus conductor. He is treated as an out-caste. A bus conductor is often blamed for his rude and rough behavior. But there is no such system in our country which may govern our social civilities.

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