August 12, 2013



Points: A good character is a fortune in itself – Man makes the character – Good character more precious than rubies.

When wealth is lost, nothing is lost
When health is lost, much is lost,
But when character is lost, everything is lost.

If you would get on in the world, you must form and maintain a spotless character. A good character is a fortune in itself. It is one of the great essentials to our success in life. An American writer has eloquently said, “It is a mighty and gloriole fact that every man is the author of his own character.” But a noble character is not made in a moment or with little effort. It is the reward of constant and well-directed labor. We are the architects of our own character. Our mental powers must be cultivated. Plant the seeds, and tend them well, and they will make an orchard. Cultivate the powers and they will make a noble character. The germ is not the tree, the acorn is not the oak; neither is the mind a

God gives the mind, man makes the character. The mind is the garden, character is the fruit, the mind is the white page, the character is the writing we put upon it; the mind is the metallic plate, the character is our engraving thereon.

The mind is the shop, character is our profits on the trade. Large profits are made from quick sales and small percentages, so great characters are made by many little acts and efforts. The secret thoughts never expressed, the lie never told for want of courage, are just as effectual in staining the character as though the world knew all about them. A good character is more precious, than are rubies, gold, crowns or kingdoms, and the work of making it is the noblest labor upon earth.

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