December 21, 2013

A Fund-Raising Campaign

Essay : [A Fund-Raising Campaign]

English Essay on "A Fund-Raising Campaign"

A Fund-Raising Campaign

Last year our Youth Club decided to put up a building of its own. I was appointed chairman of the committee to organize a fund-raising campaign to meet the cost of the proposed building. Here is an account of how the campaign was conducted and of how far it was successful.

First of all we approached the richer section of our community for individual donations. Accompanied by a few leading residents form each part of the town, we visited the homes and offices of the wealthy people. This arrangement lent added seriousness and importance to our campaign, and almost everybody we approached contributed generously to our fund.

'Secondly, we sought permission of the government to turn a lottery in aid of the fund. Members of the club, their friends and relatives, and other people interested in the activities of the club, tired to sell as many tickets as possible.. Assistance of youth clubs in other parts of Lahore was also enlisted.

Thirdly, with permission from the authorities concerned, we observed a flag day. Members of our club posted themselves at all important points in the town on a fixed day, and sold flags to the passers-by for whatever amount the latter were able or willing to spare. Even homes and offices were visited for selling the flags.

Fourthly, we obtained permission to hold a food-and fun fair. We sold coupons all over the town, and in all the Pakistan, new villages and estates in the surrounding countryside.( Provisions for most of the food stall, and prizes to be given away at games stalls came as gifts from the parents of our member’s variety of goods made by them. We ourselves did all the cooking and serving that was necessary. The fair was a great success indeed.

Lastly, a Talent time Show and Variety Concert was held in conjunction with the food-and-fun fair. It turned out to be such a great hit with the local public that several repeat performances had to be given.

With Rs. 100,000 donated by the social and welfare lotteries Board, we have now a little over Rs. 300,000 in a local bank. It should be enough for the modest building that plan to put up.

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