November 16, 2013

A Good Manners Week

Essay : [A Good Manners Week]

English Essay on "A Good Manners Week"

A Good Manners Week

A few months ago a 'Good Manners Week' was observed in our school.

On the first day of the week an assembly was held. The headmaster, who was the sale speaker at the assembly, spoke on the need for good manners. In the end of his speech, he quoted Portia's famous plea for mercy with shylock in Shakespeare's merchant of Venice.

It blessed him that gives and him that takes Good manners, too, he said, had the effect of pleasing and benefiting both those who had them and those who came in contact with them.

A brief assembly was held every morning for the rest of the week. Every morning one senior teacher or another spoke on good manners. They did not merely tell the pupils why good manners were good. They also told them what they should do on different social occasions. We were told how to behave in classroom at home in public, towards strangers, towards friends, at the table and even while we were alone. Manners merely express the mind of the person displaying them. A good mannered person must be self-disciplined.

The periods normally meant for civic and for library were set aside for further discussion and talks on good manners.

All of a sudden, the tone of the school changed to that of dignity and serenity. The pupils no longer talked aloud to each other while walking along the corridors, or going up or down the stairs. Thank you you are welcome. Could I help you “Excuse me, -such were the statement with which conversations ended or started.( The pupils no longer mentioned their teachers by nicknames or mere surnames. The words 'Mr.', 'Miss', and Mrs. was consistently and appropriately used there was a quick decline in the incidence of classroom quarrels and fights. The discipline-master had few problems to his hands. By the end of the week, we had good manners on the tips of our fingers. They came naturally to our daily activities.

On the last day of the week, every pupil in the school was made to write an essay on good manners. The best writer of the essay in each form was awarded a book prize and the best essay in school was accepted for being included in the next issue of the school magazine. The pupils with the best essays were also given the honor of reading their essays at the usual school assemblies. Ours is best essays to be read out. Thus the spirit engendered by the 'Good Manners Week' was kept alive and fresh for six weeks more.

Now we have started slackening up a little in practicing good manners. I am sure, however, that the next 'Good Manners. Week' will not find us completely devoid of good manners.

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