September 05, 2013

A Good Deed Rewarded

Essay : [A Good Deed Rewarded]

English Essay on "A Good Deed Rewarded"

A Good Deed Rewarded

Last Sunday, as I was walking along the river swift, which flows, by our town, I stopped to watch a boy of nearly my age swim the river. The river was in high flood. The way the boy started his swim-at right angles to current-showed that he was not an experienced swimmer.
He had not yet reached the middle of the river where the current was very strong, when his legs and arms failed him altogether. He could scarcely make a stroke. He was at the point of being drowned.
Throwing off my shirt and taking off my shoes, I jumped into the river and swam up to boy. He was unconscious when I reached him. He did not put up any struggle that a drowning person is said to be liable to. When an attempt is down and resuscitated him by mean of artificial respiration. When he had regained sufficient strength to cycle back, I left hem and resumed my walk.
Yesterday, I went to town to buy some cloth. As I entered a shop I heard someone shout. Daddy, here is the young man, who saved me from drowning! it was the boy whom I had rescued. His father, the owner of the shop ran up to me and shook me by the hand. After thanking me profusely for what I had done to save this son's life he made me sit beside him. He told me over a cup of tea that he had tried very hard to trace me out but that his efforts had not been successful.
I could not hide it from him that I was there to buy some shirting material. He went to another part of the shop, said something to an assistant and came back to me he asked me to choose the material I wanted to buy. He would personally attend to me. I chose two lengths of cloth. He offered to let me have it free of cost. But I insisted on paying for it and he took the cash involved.
Meanwhile his car had arrived outside the shop and he offered to take me home. He said he was keen to see my parents too. I did not see any harm is that so I went with him.( When we alighted from the car, his chauffeur opened the boot, took out a huge bundle of clothes and carried it into our house, without a word having been uttered by his master in my presence.
He praised me before my parents and pointing to bundle, he said, I hope you will have no objection to accepting this small token of gratitude. My parents would not accept this small token of gratitude, my parents would not accept the cloth free of charge, but he would not take the c1cth back or accept payment for it.
My mother tells me that the cloth would be enough to last me ten years at least.

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