December 08, 2013

A Bicycle Ride

Essay : [A Bicycle Ride]

English Essay on "A Bicycle Ride"

A Bicycle Ride

I joined this school three years ago. Then I lived with my parents in a small village about eight miles from here. I could not walk to school and back daily, and the journey by bus was considered to be too costly. My father decided to buy me a bicycle.

It took me nearly a fortnight to learn how to ride it. Then one day, I left for school on my life I was riding a bicycle to school and that bicycle was my own.

I took it into my head to beat every cyclist riding a head of me and to let none overtake me from behind. For some time I succeeded in achieving this aim, but them my untrained muscles let me down. I had to pedal slowly. After a while I speeded up once more but soon found myself climbing a steep hill. It was a hard job to go along, but my sense of pride, and my excitement would not let me get off the bicycle, and push it along somehow or other, I reached the top.

I felt the greatest thrill of my life, when' my bicycle began to free-wheel down the hill at a tremendous speed. I felt as if I had been flying in an aero plane soaring down to earth. This taught me a useful lesson one must first sweat and toil to win ease and comfort in the end.

After my effortless journey down the hill, I found myself fit enough to challenge a few more cyclist to, race against me.( I would not be beaten by anybody.

I reached school very early that day indeed, I was the first to arrive I parked my bicycle outside our classroom in full view of all my classmates. But what disappointment I had! Far from admiring it, none of them even enquired to whom it belonged. It was something wonderful to me, but nothing unusual to them.

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