January 31, 2013

Modern War and its Effects

Modern War and its Effects

Wars have been fought all through history, and we know about their causes and results. Large-scale national wars between countries or nations are not often fought now. Now a much stronger country like the US attacks a weaker country like Vietnam or Iraq.4essay.blogspot.com

In a modern war, the use of the most destructive weapons is not needed. These weapons are nuclear bombs, ballistic missiles carrying nuclear warheads, chemical weapons killing thousands and making millions invalid and useless for living, and the weapons of mass destruction that rich and developed countries possess. If these weapons are used repeatedly, nothing will be left for the winner or conqueror. So the effects of a modern war are still limited to the effects of the conventional or traditional weapons that are still used. However, these conventional weapons are the improved ones, much stronger and much more destructive than their older versions. For example, the big bombs of yesterday have developed into cluster bombs. The old planes are now supersonic with much greater firing, bombing, and killing capacities. The rifles of older times are now Kalashnikovs or ever more modem assault rifles that are hundreds of times more destructive. So, modern conventional weaponry causes numerous deaths and large-scale destruction.4essay.blogspot

The aim of the powerful attacking country is to occupy the attacked country or to control, its natural resources. So, it does not try to destroy its communication system or network, and its buildings and production centers like factories. The attacks and war, then, become limited and controlled. However, within the conquered country, the limited war against those who oppose and use force against the conquerors continues.4essay.blogspot.com

The effects of modem wars and fighting can be seen in Kashmir. Palestine and Iraq most prominently. India and Pakistan fought limited wars in and outside Kashmir, but they did not destroy Kashmir and each other. Their object was to take or keep Kashmir. Israel does not want to destroy Palestine as she wants to keep it. If the Palestinians agree to accept it, all war can come to an end. America wants to have control over Iraq's oil and natural resources, and is trying to make her submissive. Her war, against Iraq could have ended sooner if the Iraqis had accepted America as their lord and master. Thus, though modern Wars can be highly destructive, they are in fact not so as they remain controlled. The UN's role in keeping modern wars control is quite prominent.

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