June 09, 2012

An Accident

An Accident

Accidents are quite common in Karachi. The drivers are so ignorant of traffic law and so careless about it, that they never like to look round while driving even on the main roads, or while taking sudden turns. Many a time I have noticed them stopping in the middle of the road, without looking back or sideways and without giving any signal.

It is rather unfortunate that public interest is easily ignored by the drivers. They drive very speedily and carelessly. The buses are often founded over-crowded. Even the traffic police are found helpless because they have failed to control the traffic. Although there are hundred of buses on the roads, yet they are not sufficient for this huge population. Complaints of the public fall on deaf ears. The middle class travels by rickshaws and taxies. They are also far more troublesome. They often charge double fare, hence can not be availed by the poor. The taxi-drivers do not go to short distances. Public is continuously harassed by the all drivers, because most of them are illiterate.

One day I was going to college with my friend, Amir, we were near the college. We heard a collision between a bus arid a truck. The engine and the body of the bus were completely wrecked. The bus was overloaded. Some people were also hanging on the foot-board arid some were on the roof of the bus.

The two drivers and six passengers were on the bus were killed instantly. Several of the passengers including a large number of women and children were seriously injured.

The Medical aid was rushed from Abdul Sattar Edhi Welfare Centre. The Superintendent of the police and other officials of the Police Department also visited the scene of the accident. The seriously injured were taken to the Civil Hospital Karachi.

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