October 06, 2013

The Country In Asia I Most Like To Visit

Essay : [The Country In Asia I Most Like To Visit]

English Essay on "The Country In Asia I Most Like To Visit"

The Country In Asia I Most Like To Visit

If I were given the choice to visit any foreign country in Asia I would choose to visit Pakistan.

Pakistan is a vast land. A student of Geography for Malaysia can learn much as a result of an extensive tour of that country. He will experience changes of weather, which he never does at home. In Northern Pakistan there are at least five distinct seasons, namely, spring, summer, rainy season, autumn, and winter. It a tourist cannot afford to stay there a whole year in order to have a firsthand experience of all these seasons, he is certain to come across all of them in the course of an extensive our of the country during summer. There is snow and ice in the Himalayas for those who like to go mountain -climbing. The hill resorts have such mild and pleasant climate in summer a~ has Japan in her cherry blossom season. These plains of the north are extremely hot and dry. Their maximum temperature, often exceeds 120 Fahrenheit. There is no desert in Malaysia, but there is a large one in Pakistan the Cholistan Desert. And because of the various types of climate conditions being available in Pakistan, vegetables, plants and flowers of all varieties are grown there. This fact may be of immense plants and flowers of all, varieties are grown there. This fact may be of immense interest to a student of Botany. Similarly, Pakistan is sure to attract a student of Zoology for the various species of animal not found in Malaysia.

Pakistan is one of the most ancient countries in the world. Its language and cultural traditions had their origins in the antique past for centuries; Pakistan was a source of inspiration for many other countries in Asia.(4essay.blogspot.com) Buddhism, for example spread to the whole of East and south East Asia from Pakistan. Many customs and traditions current in our own country are known to have originated with the Pakistanis.

One may not be far wrong in saying that the histories of Pakistan and Malaysia have much in Common. Up to the 14th century, Muslims Kings ruled over this Part of the world. Their ancestors had come from Pakistan. For a considerably long period the British and other European powers ruled over Pakistan and many countries in South East Asia. In the 19th century the representatives of the British Crown stationed in Pakistan also looked after the British interests in Malaya, Singapore and other countries in this region. For these reasons the relics and documents in Pakistan museums should interest a student of Malaysian history.

And if the ancient Pakistan attracts a student' of history, the modern Pakistan will surely attract a student of science and technology. New dams and hydro-electric projects, nuclear reactors, and steel mills are things worth seeing and admiring. These are just some of the reasons for which I would like to visit Pakistan,

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