April 23, 2012



Points : Introduction - Its significance - Short history - Its observance - Its effects on our mind - Conclusion.

Since 1947, the 14th day of August has been a red letter day with all the Pakistanis. It is observed throughout the country as a day of thanks-giving, rejoicing and merry making. The day is regarded as a sacred one in our life. The day is so great with us because on this day is 1947. We regained our independence from the British rule.

The defeat of Siraj-ud-dowla at the battle-field of Plassey in 1757 A.D. paved the way for the British rule in India. The people soon realized that they had fallen in the grip of a foreign rule. So an under current of discontent flowed through every heart. It showed itself clearly in the War of Independence of 1857. But all these failed to expel the British from India. It was then felt that this should be done by some other effective non-violent means. The Congress took the lead. But it was soon felt that its main object was to establish Hindu Raj. So the Muslims, under the leadership of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, gathered on the platform of the All India Muslim League. Then in 1940 they demanded a separate homeland. The united move of the Muslims was so irresistible that the British Government was compelled to partition India into Pakistan and Bharat. Pakistan, thus, appeared on the map of the world on the 14th August, 1947. That is why the anniversary of this day is observed with such profound solemnity and regard.

The 14th day of August is known as the Independence Day. It is observed every year in a befitting manner throughout Pakistan. The observance starts with the singing of national anthem throughout the country. Then the speech of the President is relayed. In educational institutions, teachers and students gather together and hoist the national flag solemnly. In towns and cities, the national flag is hoisted ceremonially. Then the people parade the main streets in long processions shouting national songs. All seem to be happy and jubilant. A festive look wears everywhere.

After the mid-day, seminars are held in most of the educational institutions. Prayers for the well-being of Pakistan are also arranged in mosques. The afternoon passes in various kinds of popular games and sports. After sundown all the houses and buildings are illuminated. Thereafter people attend cultural functions arranged for the occasion.

The observance of the day has a salutary effect ort the mind of the people. It reminds them of their hard-won independence and makes them resolve to retain it all costs. It inspires us with hope, make us united and instills into our heart the firm belief that Pakistan bas come to stay forever.

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