December 08, 2013

A Birthday Party

Essay : [A Birthday Party]

English Essay on "A Birthday Party"

A Birthday Party

The twenty-first birthday of my eldest brother fell on the 10th of this month. My father gave a grand dinner-party to mark the occasion. A large number on relatives and my brother's personal friends had been invited to attend the party. At my grandmother's request, the party was held at our house. She is now rather too old to stand the strain of a long function held away from home. The house had been cleaned. Whitewashed, and suitably redecorated before the arrival of the auspicious day.

A little after 5p.m. the guests began to arrive. My brother and our parents were all ready to receive them. As they arrived, they were received at the front door of the house. All of them congratulate my brother and wished him many happy returns of the day. Most of the guests gave presents to my brother, though they had been specifically requested beforehand not to do so. This was, however not the occasion to return the presents that had been brought they were received most gratefully. The large table in our sitting-room was covered with pockets containing books, pens, articles of clothing and many other things.

My father had given my brother a new' Rolex' watch for his birthday present and my mother had bought him a new fountain pen. We his brothers, his sister and we had shown 0ur affection by putting together our month's savings to buy him a pair of shoes. My grandmother gave him a handsome gift in cash.

At 6.p.m. sharp, all accept our parents and my brother had taken their seats in the hall, the gathering rose from their seats and sang a birthday song befitting the occasion.

When everybody was seated again, the dinner started. It consisted of a variety of delicious dishes especially prepared by my mother. Between the courses, there were speeches songs, and tit-bits. Thus the dinner continued up to 8 p.m.

At the end of the dinner, there were some games. These continued till all agreed that they were now quite ready for a few dances. A number of dances tunes had been recorded beforehand.( These were now played back. We danced and danced till we were tired. At one stage, our parents also took the floor to, a long and loud applause from the spectators. My grandmother was, perhaps, the happiest of us all, as she watched while reclining on her easy chair.

Shortly before 11p.m. the dancing came to an end. Our parents and my brother bade goodbye to the guests and thanked them for their company. The guests in return, thanked them for the good time they had.

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