September 11, 2013

How To Spend One's Holidays

Essay : [How To Spend One's Holidays]

English Essay on "How To Spend One's Holidays"

How To Spend One's Holidays

Pakistani school seldom closes for longer than 3-month summer vacations. Some are therefore, of the view that holiday should be passed at home. They point out that holidays are meant for rest and for refreshing our bodies and minds after a term's hard work at school. But I think it is wrong to mistake rest for idleness. Only a sick person can afford to lie in bed day in and day out. None but a cripple will stay at home all the time. We must engage in some healthy activities during our holidays.
Travelling-has long been considered to be the best of spending one's holidays. There are many ways of travelling, but I think we students should prefer cycling and hiking to all others. Travelling fast, one does not see enough of the country through which one passes. Besides, a train, a car, or an aero plane is no better than home as it affords little chance for exercising our limbs. While travelling by bicycle or on foot, we spend much of our time in the open air, see new places and understand the history and topography of our country much better than we do by reading books. Organization of large travel parties is a useful experience in itself.
Some believe it is good to spend the holidays swimming, fishing and camping by the seaside. Swimming is a very healthy exercise; every part of a swimmer's body is fully exercised by swimming.( It is done in the open air with fish which we can eat or sell. Camping teaches young people a great deal about everyday life.
But I feel that the best place for us to spend our holidays is the countryside, and the best way to spend them profitably is in the service of Pakistani folks. Parties of young people from schools should go to villages in the country and stay with the villagers. They should engage in such voluntary projects as digging and disinfecting wells, laying out roads, cleaning the villages and teaching the villagers how to read and write. Our towns are some of the most modern in the world, but some of our villages are still backward. We should therefore, do our best to understand and solve the difficulties of the people the country. By living and working with them, we can show them how they can improve their standard of living.

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