September 15, 2017

Charms of Living in a Country

Charms of Living in a Country

English Essay on "Charms of Living in a Country"

The country life has charms of its own. Those living in the hurly burly and noises of a city cannot imagine how peaceful and serene the country life is. There is peace all around except the caws of crows, no harsh sound is heard. This gives peace of mind and saves a man from the irreparable damages caused by noises to hearing, nerves and mind.
Life in a country is pleasant. We breathe in pure air. The pure air is beneficial to health. It is not polluted with the smoke emitted by buses, wagons, taxis and other automobiles. There are no mills and factories and workshops to pollute the air with smoke and small particles of carbon. These particles and the smoke cause cancer and other diseases of lungs and eyes. One living in a country is not open to these hazards.
Life in a country is simple. People eat simple food and lead a simple life. They do not have to spend their money on gaudy things of a sets, cars and other luxuries, Women and girls are not mad after articles of make up. Their beauty is independent of make up and is original. Make up is a way of telling a lie and presenting a false feature. They do not resort to make up.
People inn village arc generally farmers. They work hard in their fields and do other manual labor. They usually go to other villages on foot. These things keep them fit and strong and they are usually free from heart diseases and diseases of blood vessels. They sleep soundly after working in their fields and need no medicine to induce sleep.
The food in a village is pure and simple. It is not adulterated with impurities and dangerous things like brick powder, grease etc. A simple diet is invigorating. Fresh fruits and green vegetable supply the required vitamins and minerals and keen them fit and fresh.
A village is free from the dangers lurking in a city. There are no accidents, terrorism and pick pocketing. One living in a village is safe. In cities a neighbor does not know the other. In cities people are selfish generally and pass an aloof life. But in countries they sympathies love and help each other. There is no selfishness in them. Every body behaves as if he is a relative of all the persons in the village.

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