August 26, 2017

Unemployment in Pakistan

Unemployment in Pakistan

English Essay on "Unemployment in Pakistan"

Unemployment is a problem which has hit every country but is very acute in Pakistan. In every house in Pakistan one will find one or more graduates who are unemployed. The problem is more acute in Karachi, Hyderabad and cities like Lahore for various reasons.
The first reason for unemployment is that the birth rate is far more than needed and it out runs the rate of economic development. The greater efforts of the government towards family planning have failed due to lack of intensive drive opposition of Mullas, and the belief of the people that God, who feeds the children in wombs will also feed them after birth. In fact, things have not been done so far to let Islam meet the challenges of the modern world. Our present educational system is also responsible for the present state of un-employment.
It produces only clerks who seek white collar Jobs and to provide such jobs in such a member is impossible. In our educational system higher education is available to every man irrespective of his aptitude. Vocational education is not given to the students. The technical colleges and schools are not producing engineers and technician of any worth. There students are not given extensive practical training in various engineering units and commercial workshops. The teachers dictate notes in the class from a notebook. They do not care if a student understands things or not. The student, too, use unfair means to pass the examination. What can be expected from such technicians and engineers My cousin, who is a first class diploma holder in automobile, can no repair own motor cycles.
The economic development in the country has been disappointing so far for various reasons. We lack expert planner’s funds, materials and foreign exchange. Due to delays in taking decision much time is wasted and the cost rises up as things get dearer.
Other causes of unemployment are quota system, favoritism and other malpractices, Whenever a government comes out with some scheme to counterbalance unemployment, dishonest persons come forward to bungle the money and make the scheme a failure. Inefficiency and insincerity in executing these schemes on the part of some persons also result in non attainment of the target and consequently unemployment is not remedied.
To develop the country industrially, capital is needed and authorities have not launched alluring savings schemes for capital formation. To meet the need of more technicians and engineers polytechnic institutions must streets on adequate practical training for the students and they may be sent them to important engineering concerns for intensive practical training.

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