September 21, 2017

My Favourite Poet

My Favourite Poet

English Essay on "My Favourite Poet"

A poet loses his regional identity and becomes international when his poetry sings of universal truth, represents some international problems or his pictures in words capture some eternal beauty of nature. Urdu has produced a few poets of such caliber who are in no way inferior to Shakespear Milton, Dante, Firdausi, Keats or other poets of international fame. In Urdu Mir, Ghalib, lqbal and Anees are the poets who can be compared to any poet, the world has produced so far but I like Anees for his music, his magic of words, his pictures and his psychological treatment of different sent aments; instincts, thought and situation.
The first quality of Anees’s poetry is his music. ”Music soft and sweet, like that of the evening breeze walled from the sleeping seas and playing hide and seek in the drooping trees”. According to Dr Zoar, he mingles the music of thoughts with the music of words to charm his readers. In his poetry there is a flow. Words flow like a running brook in his poetry and enchants the reader.
The other remarkable thing in his poetry is his pictures. His pictures appear to be real, living and breathing. They do not only move but speak. He has drawn pictures of battles, of running brooks, of a blooming pastures, of swift moving horses, of blood thirsty swords and of such other thing and they all appear to be real. To Allama Shibli, the world has not produced an artist like him, as his pictures, are animate and breathe. His Psychological treatment of emotions, sentiments and situations makes him superior to shakespeare. He depicts compound emotions and instincts and so natural and real they appear that one is astonished. Allama Shibli Nomani is of the opinion that some times he paints a complicated picture situations, of emotional conflicts and of desperation in a single line so vivid and complete that one can not help marveling at his art.
Anees gives dramatic touches to situations in his poetry. People appear to move, talk and express their feelings as if they are living. His characters are heroes of Islam, the beloved of the Holy Prophet and are real historical persons. So what he says of them are bare truths. These heroes are loved by every Muslim by virtue of faith and by virtue of the love they have for the Holy Prophet.

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