July 17, 2017

An Evening at a Beach

An Evening at a Beach

English Essay on "An Evening at a Beach"

During my stay at Karachi, I had an occasion to go to Clifton, one evening. Clifton is one of the places of Karachi where thousand of pleasure loving people go daily and enjoy. He who does not have a car of his own, catches a Clifton bound bus at Saddar.
Clifton presents the scene of a great Lahore Meta every evening. A multitude, comprising of males and females of all ages gather at the beach. They talk, gossip or laugh. Children run, chase each other and enjoy. Hawkers and Theta walas sell Beetles, cigarettes, chats, mineral water, tea, other eatable things, balloons and other articles.
A wall has been constructed along the beach to keep sea water away from the beach. People sit on the wall and watch the waves coming and breaking at the wall. Camels and horses are brought by local residents. Children and even grown up boys and girls sit on them and enjoy short trips along the beach on them. Groups of people stroll along the beach talking, smiling or laughing. 4essay.blogspot.com
I sat on the beach wall looking at the merry making people. It seemed that all cares, worries and worldly anxieties have left everyone it was thrilling to see children merry making. With the setting sun the shadows lengthened. The setting sun presented a lovely scene an the twilight made the western horizon colorful. The color, reflected in the water, looked so beautiful that I remained enchanted. With the coming of dusk, the people began to return one by one and soon the beach became deserted. I, too, climbed u the sloping beach and went to the play land.
The play land was flooding with light. Children sitting in small electricity driven cars were driving them. These cars collided with each other frequently. Some people were visiting the aquarium. I also went round the aquarium to look at the beautiful fish, I had never set eyes on before.
From the aquarium I went to the main hail the of play land. In this hail a lot of people were standing. Small boys and girls were busy in different video games. I also inserted a fifty paisa’s coin in the slit of a video game apparatus and peeped through the eyes glass. I saw deer, zebras and lions running fast. I was required to shoot them by pressing a button but I failed to shoot any. At last L returned home.

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