July 06, 2017

Good Health is a Blessing

Good Health is a Blessing

English Essay on "Good Health is a Blessing"

We always hear health is wealth but never try and think what is health. Health is not the state of being fatly, fleshy, weighty or plump. It is the state of bin physically and mentally well and having the ability to work and labour to the utmost.
Those who are plump, too heavy and too weighty are suffering from obesity. Obesity is a handicap and a disease. It restricts prompt movement. It brings many ailments. The particles of fats circuiting with the blood block the coronary arteries and cause sudden death. A fat man is always prone to have diabetes, fatty, liver, fatty heart or hypertension.
Au unhealthy man is unable to work and it is work that brings joys in life. Always lying in bed makes life dull, monotonous and un-interesting. Such a man lives at the mercy of others. Ills in-activity keeps him devoid of the real pleasure the pleasure of work and an active life. I have seen gloomy and unfortunate persons who yearn for moving a little distance only but this pleasure has been refused to them for not taking care of then health. 4essay.blogspot.com
A healthy man enjoys life with his wife, children and friends. An unhealthy man is devoid of the pleasure of a good and satisfying meals. Those suffering from stomach ailments like heart-burn, indigestion, gastric or pyloric ulcers cannot enjoy food. One suffering from carcinoma of throat, esophagus or stomach yearns for solid food.
Health is a gem and must He taken care of if health is lot no fit can purchase it, no authority can restore it and no prayer can bring it back if health is lost life becomes a burden. Tired of their ill health people cento suicide. It is cowardly to kill , no doubt, but life is in such person becomes unendurable.
An apple a day does not keep a doctor away in practical life. To keep a doctor away one must do ample exercises, eat simple but wholesome food, sleep soundly and take all precautions to remain free from ailments. Early rising early going to bed, working honestly doing regular exercises and living a natural life will keep healthy and prolong life.

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