June 29, 2017

Unity Is Strength

Unity Is Strength

English Essay on "Unity Is Strength"

Unity is the state of people being woven into an individual to think, to act and to react. This harmony of thoughts and actions consolidates a family a tribe a community or a nation and puts at their hand the combined resources, power and ideas to meet ally adversary successfully. Unity is a great quality. it brings about concordance between different people for a common cause. Members of an orchestra or a team put in a grand show due to unity. In case every member of an orchestra plays his own tune the melody will take the characteristics of noise and if every member of team plays his own game the team will put in a dismal show and will lose the match.
Unity demands sacrifice. For the sake of unity one has to sacrifice ones freedom of action, freedom of speech and some other freedoms. It may demand pecuniary sacrifice, sacrifice of rights or sacrifice of property: But these sacrifices arc for a common cause which is important and momentous. Its significance makes it worth the sacrifices. 4essay.blogspot.com
If we look into the causes of our success in The 1965 Indo-Pak War, we will see that the miracle was accomplished by unity. India is a far greater country than Pakistan with far greater resources. She hoped to crush us down easily due to her supremacy in arms, ammunitions and troops but the entire Pakistani nation stood united like an iron wall and nave India a shameful defeat. Unity is a great weapon against enemies It is a great force to overcome hindrances, difficulties; oppositions and deadlocks. It is a great impetus that leads to prosperity. It is as important a requirement for a family as it is for a clan, tribe, a community or a nation. I make them to thrive well.
It is truly said that united we stand and disunited we fall. We know that separately every straw is easily breakable but when they are woven together into a rope they become an unbreakable unit. In the Persian story book Kalifa And Damna there is a story of two young and fat bulls who lived in a jungle. Every time a lion attempted to devour one of them, the other came to the help of its fellow bull and they drove the lion away with their horns. A fox who was a partner of the lion, created misunderstanding between them and their unity broke up. Disunited they fell an easy prey to the lion, individually.
Misunderstandings, suspicions, doubts and mistrusts are cankers and eat away unity. In the inception they have no solid or sound base. They spring out of mere follies but when they take root they destroy unity and go a long way to destroy a family, a tribe, a community for a nation. To survive as a nation we must maintain unity. To talk or think in terms of Punjabis, Sindhis, Baluchis, Pathans and Mahajirs is a tendency of narrow minded people which is deplorable and must be shunned away.

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