July 08, 2017

The Holy Gathas

The Holy Gathas

English Essay on "The Holy Gathas"

The Holy Gathas comprises of the teachings of Zara thustra , the prophet of Persia, who lived more than 1500 years ago before Christ according to Sir Jivanji Jamshedji Mody. The Gathas forms 17 out of 72 chapters of Yasjashne prayers. The language of the holy script is much closer to the language of Rig Vida. In his book. The verities of Religious Experience’ William James writes that “The Gathas are not only to be read and studied but to be lived and one who lives upon to the teachings, will find his life worth, living, and make a success of it.” Before reading a Gatha or hymn, a devotee must read a Khshnumam and another Khshnuman at the end of the Gatha.
According to Encyclopedia Britannica the hymns or Gathas contains not merely all forms of outward opposition and the unbelief and the luke warmness of adherent met by the great ZOROASTER hut also the inward misgivings of his own heart as to the truth and final victory of his cause. [4essay.blogspot.com] At one time hope, at another despondency, now assured confidence, now doubt and despair, here firm faith in the speedy coming of the kingdom of heaven there the thought of taking refuge by flight-Such is the range of emotion which find their immediate expression in hymns.
The teachings of the great Gathas can be summarized in three words, Humata (Good thoughts) Hukhata (Good words) and Huvarashta (Good deed). In them Zarathustra teaches what should be tile behaviour of a person towards himself, towards God and towards his fellow beings. Like Islam the old religion has also divided the duties of a man into three categories.
The first main teaching of the Gathas is to succeed in life morally and materially. One must tune oneself with Vahisinem mano, the God’s mind, by cultivating Good thoughts, Righteousness, Moral courage and divine wisdom. The second main teachings of the Gathas is to fight the evil mind (Angre Mainyus or Ahreman) with good mind (Spenta Mainyus). False hood is be to avoided at all cost. He calls Hell the the house of Lie. lie advocates that wrath must he suppressed; Violence must be guarded against. Self control must be maintained and duty must be done for the sake of duty. The Gathas teaches that enemies and bad persons are to be won over by good words. There are so many virtues to be practiced according to Gathas. In short Gathas teachings are directed to self improvement and sublimation of evil emotions by good emotions.
It will not be out of place to mention that Zoroaster believed that after death one has to pass over the bridge of judgment (chin vato pereto) which widens for virtuous man and becomes narrow and sharp as sword for the very bad who falls into hell. The followers of the religion also believe that in the last years of the creation on this earth a soshyant (prophet) will be born. All the dead will be reborn and the evil doers will be purified by passing through molten metal. People will stop thinking evil and goodness will reign supreme.
To be short, the Gathas (Hymns) consisting of 17 chapters and 238 paragraphs teaches one to fight one’s way through life with good thoughts, good wards and good deeds to shape one’s destiny.

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