April 03, 2017

The Game I Like the Most - Hockey

The Game I Like the Most - Hockey

English Essay on "The Game I Like the Most - Hockey"

My favourite game Hockey, is played in many countries. It is the national game of Pakistan and he has won world championship many times. National, regional and international tournaments are held in various countries.
Hockey is played in a rectangular field measuring 90 to 100 yards long and 55 to 60 yards broad. A half line across the breadth but parallel to goal line is drawn through the centre. At a distance of 25 yards from the goal line, a 25 yard line is drawn parallel to it in each half. The goal is 4 yards wide, and consists of two uprights joined by a horizontal cross bar 7 feet Acorn the ground. In front of each goal is drawn a line 4 yards long, parallel to and 20 yards from the goal line and continued each way to the goal line by drawing quarter circles to the goal post.4essay.blogspot.com. This is called D or striking circle.
The game is played with a white ball about 9 inches round and 5Vz oz in weight. The stick is curved at one end and must not weight more than 28 oz for men and 23 oz for women. The goal is covered with a net. The game is played for 70 minute with an interval of 5 minutes at halftime.
The game is played between two teams each comprising of the players out of which 5 are forwards three are half backs, two are full backs and one is goal Keeper. The object of the game is to score goals by hitting or scooping the ball with the stick into the goal net from a place inside the striking area. The ball is propelled by the stick but the flat face of the curve end is to be used only. The team scoring more goals wins. To propel the ball with hands feet or any part of the body by any player except the goal keeper, to raise the stick over shoulder height while striking the ball, to use the round face of the curved part of the stick to push or hit, or to obstruct a player of the opposing team are prohibited. A player is oil side if he is in avarice of the ball when it is hit by one of his own team mate and there are not, at the moment it is hit, at least three opponents between it and goal of the opponent. This rule has now been expunged.
For every infringement of the rules a free hit is awarded to the opposing team. In a free hit all the player must be at least 3 yards away from the striker who is not allowed to hit the ball a second time until it is struck by a second player. If the ball glides over the stick of a player or is hit by him across the touch line bounding the sides a throw is awarded to the opposing team. If the ball glides over the stick of a player across his own goal line a corner is awarded but if it is done intentionally a penalty corner is awarded to the opposing team. Penalty corner is also allowed to the opposing team, if a player commits foul in his own striking area.
If a corner is awarded, a member of the opposing team hits the ball from a point on the goal line within 5 yards of the nearest corner hag. In a penalty corner, a member of the opposing ream hits the ball from a point not less than 10 yards on the goal line from the goal pose. The defending team stands on the goal line and opposing team outside the D area.

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