March 31, 2017

The Game I Like the Most - Football

The Game I Like the Most - Football

English Essay on "The Game I Like the Most - Foot ball"

One of the most popular games, foot ball is my favorite game. It is played in more than a hundred countries and regional, national and international tournaments are held. It is of two kinds. One which is played with feet is called soccer and the other which is played with hands as well as feet is called Rugby.
Soccer is played in a rectangular field 130 yards long and 100 yards broad. In the centre a halt line is drawn across the breadth parallel to the goal line and a circle of 10 yards diameter is drawn in the centre. A penalty area 44 yards long and 18 yards broad is drawn in front of each goal and within each penalty area, goal area 20 yards tong and 6 yards broad is marked. The two goal posts, at each end, have a bar across them feet high from the ground. The ball is made of either with a rubber bladder inside which is inflated with The circumference of the inflated is 27.28 inches and it weighs 14-16 oz. The duration of the game is 90 minutes with an interval of 5 minutes at halftime.
The game is played between two teams cacti comprising of 11 players. Each team consists of a goal keeper. The object of the game is to score goals by kicking or heading the ball into the opponent’s goal but the ball must be kicked or headed from a place within the hall of the defending team. The team that scores more goals wins the goal. The ball is propelled with feet, head or body but the arms and hands must not be used. However the goal keeper is allowed to use his arms or hands also to defend the goal.
If a player sends the ball out of play over the touch line bounding the sides, one player of the opposing team throws it over his head into the play. Should an attacking player send the ball across the opponent’s goal line (out side the goal posts) the defending teams kicks the ball into play again. But if a defending player sends the ball across his own goal line but outside the goal posts the attacking team is awarded a corner kick.
Tripping in the game is illegal but the players can charge each other shoulder to shoulder. If a player is in opponent’s half and receives forward a pass from one of his own side he must have at least two members of the opposing team between himself and the opponent’s goal other vise he would be off-side.
For every infringement of the rule such as touching the ball with hand, being off side tripping, etc the referee allows a free kick to opposing team but if a foul is committed by a defending player inside his own penalty area a direct kick at the goal from the penalty spot is awarded to the attacking team.

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