April 07, 2017

The Game I Like the Most - Cricket

The Game I Like the Most - Cricket

English Essay on "The Game I Like the Most Cricket"

Cricket has become very popular and my favourite outdoor game. It is played with bats, ball and wickets, between two sides of eleven players, one side batting and the other side fielding. Each side plays two innings but now-a-days, one inning game is also popular. Usually a Test Cricket match lasts for five days but one day Cricket in which each team bowls 50 over’s has also become popular. The game is controlled by two umpires.
The wickets are pitched 22 yards apart from each other. Each wicket is 9 inches in width consisting of three stumps 28 inches out of the ground with two bails on top. Total length of the bails is 8 inches. The bat which is made of willow, is 38 inches long, 4¼ inches wide weighing 2 pounds 4 ounces.
The field is 187 yards long and 170 yards wide. The boundary line is 75 yards away from the pitch. The bowling crease is 8 ft 8 inches in length with stumps in the center. The popping crease is 4 feet from the wicket. The ball is under 9 inches in circumference weighing 5Y2 to 5% oz. In the game two batsmen are at the wickets at the same time, one run being scored when the batsmen have run to the opposite wickets. Bowling takes place from each wicket in a series of six deliveries. This series is called over and a maiden over is that in which no runs have been scored (no ball and wades are disregarded).
The bowler tries to hit the wicket with the ball and dislodge the bails and the batsman tries to prevent it with his bat and also to hit the ball out of the way of the fielders so that he can run between the wickets. A bowler can run 20 yards at the most before bowling.
The batsman can be out in nine different ways. He is bowled. The ball hits the wicket in this case. 2. He is caught. In this case a fielder catches the bait after it is hit and before it touches the ground.4essay.blogspot.com
He is stumped. to this case the wicket keeper knocks out a bait with the ball in his hand while the batsman is out of his crease after missing the ball white striking.
He is run out. In a run out, a fielder hits the wicket with the ball before the reaches the crease during a run.
He is hit wicket. in a hit wicket the batsman hits the wicket white playing the ball.
He is (L.B.W). In leg before wicket the umpire rules that the bats man body has stopped a ball which would have hit the wicket.
He hits the ball twice, or hits the ball after his body stops it except to guard his wicket.
He handles the ball in any way whilst it is in play, Unless at the request of the other side.
He obstructs the fields and the batsman is ruled to obstruct any fieldsman.
No run is scored if a batsman is caught or run out while running between wickets.

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