April 09, 2017

A Drowning Accident

A Drowning Accident

English Essay on "A Drowning Accident"

Last year, during summer vacation, I had gone to India with my family to visit my relatives. One of my relatives lives at Ghazipur in U.P just behind the Town Hall. A brick paved lane, which local people called Kharanja led from my relatives house to Pukka Ghat where Hindus in general would come daily to bathe in the sacred river Ganga.
One day I went too to bathe in the river with my cousins. The river was very wide and the ghat was over crowded. I was told that Ashtami had fallen on that day and Hindus had come there to wash away their sins in the gangas. A lot of people were in the river having plunges in the water. Some were taking water with a small vessels called lotia and pouring it in the river facing eastward.4essay.blogspot.com
Suddenly I heard a shriek. Two boys who were among the swimming persons were crying, “Save, save,” people on the ghat did not move but one young man who was standing in the river and bathing swam to save them. The drowning boys were nervous. Instead of trying to swim or to lie flat on the water they were moving their hands awkwardly and were going down and coming up of the water shouting all the time. The man who had Swum to save, caught one by his hand while the other tried to hold his leg. But with one leg free to swim, how can one swim to a distance of twenty yards or so to the bank. The boy did not leave his leg despite his requests. The man tried to swim towards the bank but could not. They struggled hard tilt the boy who had caught the savers leg was dragged away by a crocodile. He continued to cry out requesting someone to save him but his death had appeared in the shape of a reptile. It dragged him down and the boy was lost forever.
The young man was now free to swim to the bank with the other boy. He reached shallow water and both of the; stood there. We were standing at the ghat and looking at the incident. I was sorry for the drowned boy but what could I have done who did not know to swim. I was so afraid that I refused to enter the river and returned without bathing.

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