April 17, 2017

My Beloved City Karachi

My Beloved City Karachi

English Essay on "My Beloved City Karachi"

Situated at the Shore of the Arabian sea, Karachi is the biggest city of Pakistan. It is the commercial hub of the country and pays about two third of the total income tax to the coffer of the government.
Karachi is a tremendously developing city and its boundaries are expanding. It is over populated and lacks, adequate amenities of life, but still its population is increasing. Since it was then the capital Pakistan, most of the migrants from India settled here. Since opportunities for jobs are ample in Karachi job seekers from all parts of the country continue to shift to this place. Due to the residing of people from all corners of the country in Karachi it is called Mini Pakistan.
Karachi is the only seaport of Pakistan at present. The imports and exports of Pakistan are routed through Karachi. It has Quaid-e-Azam International airport and aero planes take off or arrive every ten minutes. The airport has been modernized recently and is the biggest airport of the country. 4essay.blogspot.com
After the shifting of the capital to Islamabad the political importance of Karachi has dwindled but the commercial importance has not lessened. Karachi is the only seaport of Pakistan at present. The imports and Industries of all sorts have flourished here. It has been banned to set up factories and mills in Karachi since decades still it provides jobs to a tot of people.
Karachi is not rich like Lahore and Multan in historical buildings, masjids and shrines. There are only two historical places. One is situated at a distance of ten miles where there are the ruins of Mansoera on a mond. The other is Chawkandi. Chawkandi graves are situated at a distance of twelve miles. But there are some places to enjoy. The beach at Clifton swarms with people at evenings. The play land at Clifton attracts boy and girls of all ages. The aquarium at clifton attract people. Hawksbay and Paradise point are seaside picnic places. Mariora is an island and people go there by boat to enjoy the waves of the sea. At Manora, there is a light house.
A zoo in Karachi stands by Garden Road. It is not as populous as the zoo at Lahore or Bhawalpur. The national Museum is also worth-visiting. Kimaree is also a busy place as boats to manora start from Kimaree. Other worth seeing places are the Hill Park, the super markets at Clifton, and Tariq Road the tomb of Quaid-e-Azam which is very impressive, Safari Park, and the singing mountain. Besides, one will be amused to see most of the roads of Karachi decorated with deep large holes, pits and pools of dirty gutter water here and there.

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