April 12, 2017

The Doctor

The Doctor

English Essay on "The Doctor"

A doctor is a person who examines a patient, finds out the nature of his illness and prescribes medicine for hint In hospitals he is always, seen clad in white gown tarrying his stethoscope in his hand. In private clinic he is seen sitting in his chair and examining the patients.
A doctor has to spend six years of his life learning to be a doctor. He has to work hard to pass his examinations. Since the education given to him is professional and because after passing his examination he would be responsible for the life and health of a lot of persons, his training is intensive. With theory, intensive practical training is also given to him, so that lie may be able to treat the patients. 4essay.blogspot.com
A doctors duty is strenuous. In big cities emergency cases are referred to a hospital ,out in towns and small cities, doctors are awakened from deep sleep to go out visits and to treat cases. He has to keep in his bag medicines, injections, of course, even glucose water or slime water packs for emergency.
A doctor must have we some qualities. He is not irritated when he is required to examine a patient at odd hours or when he is awakened from deep sleep. He must also not be nervous to see a patient in agony and tossing to and for. He must be quick mind I to know the disease in case of emergency as diagnostic helps in the from electro cardiogram, or blood analysis reports etc., are not available. In such case his expertise in differential diagnosis will be the only guide. She must an expert in differential diagnosis. He must not be greedy too. Some patients are poor and the greed of the doctor should not take away from them their r.et to live. A few years ago my little nephew had obstructed intestine and the doctor at a Government hospital opened his abdomen and then asked the mother to bring four thousand rupees when he would proceed further. I will not forget my weeping sister whose clerk-husband was unable to provide the amount. My mother arranged amount and my nephew’s abdomen was then stitched after doing the needful.

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