April 20, 2017

An Accident I Have Seen

An Accident I Have Seen

English Essay on "An Accident I Have Seen"

Accidents in Karachi are frequent and most them are fatal. In this city life is very cheap. Nobody cares for the safety of others. The bus drivers, the taxi drivers and those who travel on motor cycles and scooters drive recklessly un-careful of the results. The long and time consuming court procedure and the bribery save these drivers and they continue to crush people to death.
One day I was waiting for a bus at Numaish. Suddenly, I saw two buses coming from Saddar. Both were of route 4A and were competing with each other, running speedily side by side. All of a sudden there was a big bang and the two buses over turned crushing a few motor cycles and a car with the occupants. 4essay.blogspot.com
People stood stunned for a while and looked at the buses and then they rushed to take out the injured and the deeds. One of the buses was lying on the side it had the exits. It was too difficult to take People out of it. However a few lean and thin persons smashed the window glass and entered the bus through the It was difficult to bring the leads and the injured out. The injured persons were groaning or were un-conscious. The glass in front of the driver was smashed and the deeds and injured were taken on through the opening.
The road was closed. Dead bodies drenched in blood and the groaning injured men were laid on the road. Nobody could move art injured person without the permission of the Police. They arrived alter an hour. Mean while some persons who could have been saved with immediate medical attention had died of bleeding, shock or injury. A few persons who were still alive were rushed to Civil Hospital and Abbasi Shaheed Hospital.
The road, the buses and the crushed motor cycles and the cars were gory and red stained. Those on the motor cycles and in the car were all crushed to death. It was with difficulty that they were taken out hours after the accident. What a gloomy scene.

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