March 27, 2017

The Book I like The Most - Holy Ramayan

The Book I like The Most - Holy Ramayan

English Essay on "The Book I like The Most - Holy Ramayan"

The book I like the most and love to read is Holy Ramayan. The Holy Ramayan is a religious and moral epic. It is a part of Hindu mythology and has been translated into many languages. The original Ramayan was composed by Valmik.
To understand Hindu Dharma we should know the main characters of the Ramayan. They are Ram, Lakhman, Sita, Bharat, Sugreev, Hanuman, Ravan, Dashrath, Kaikayee and some others. Dashrat was the king of Ayodhya and Ram, the Incarnation of God, was his eldest son. Lakhman and Bharat were his other sons and Sita, the daughter of king Janak was wife of Ran. The step mother of Ram called Kaikayee wanted her son Bharat t be the successors of Dashrath and for a service rendered to her husband earlier had won a boon from him to accept her one request. Taking advantage of the boon Kaikayee requested her husband to banish Ram to jungle for fourteen years and give the throne to Bharat. Ram obeyed his father’s bidding. Lakshaman and Sita accompanied him. They roamed from jungle to jungle to pass fourteen years of
Bharat was out of the town. When he came back and learnt the facts he set out to search for him. When he met Ram, he found him reluctant to go back before the period of exile as it was disobedience to his father. Bharat returned and putting Ram’s wooden sandals on the throne ruled on his behalf. On hearing about the beauty of Sita,Rawan, the King of Lanka, kidnapped her and put her in Ashok Batika. The head of vulture tribe tried to save Sita from being kidnapped and was hurt by an arrow. He told the facts to Lakshman and Ram. Rim took the help of Hanuman, the king of monkeys and defeated Rawan.
The epic is riot mere a story. It depicts the Hindu mythology. The Ramayan also teaches us our duties to our parents to our brothers, to our friends and the duty of a king o his subject. To satisfy the demand of his subjects. King Ram turned out his faithful and beloved wife, Sita and obliged by the duties of a son, Ram accepted his exile gladly. There are so many moral lessons in the Ramnyan that it is hard to recount them.
In India, the Education Department has planned to insist that the scholars should reconstruct ancient culture by giving Sermons on the Ramayan so that people like Lakshman, Bharat and Hanuman are produced.

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