August 04, 2015

A Journey By a Car

A Journey By a Car

English Essay on "A Journey By a Car"

To travel by a car is something very pleasant and exciting. One does not feel imprisoned as one feels in a bus or a train. One is free to stop anywhere and enjoy. There are no strangers to spoil the pleasure of being with one’s own friends or relatives. It is more costly to travel by a car, no doubt, but the freedom and the pleasure it gives far compensates the high cost.
My family lives at Thatta and my uncle with whom I stay at Karachi decided to visit them. One tine winter morning during the winter vacation, this year, we started for Thatta in my uncle’s car. Two of my cousins were also in the car. W got petrol at a filling station and started at about 9 am.
The day was bright and cold. A cold wind was blowing. The sun was bright and hot which gave us warmth’s and comfort. After leaving the tall buildings and the busy road of Karachi behind we drove straight for Thatta.
Buses, wagons, cars and motor cycles ran along the road some bound for Hyderabad via Thatta and some bound for Karachi. The road was not very wide but the vehicles ran fast past us. Bused and trucks were driving recklessly.
We reached Gharo where a relative of ours was the manager in National Bank of Pakistan. There we stopped at the bank. My relative entertained us with tea and cakes which were available there. We stayed there for half an hour. The little town was busy and villagers had conic over there to buy articles of daily need.
From Gharo we drove straight up to Makli. At Makli we went to see the old tombs on the Makli hills. The tombs being looked after by the government were not in good condition. Then we went to see Abdullah Shah’s Mazar which was swarmed with his devotees.
From Makli we drove for Thatta. The road leading to Thatta was well built but had two blind turns. At Thntta market we stopped near the High School and thence walked on foot via Shahi Bazar to my home.

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