August 04, 2015

Boy Scouting in School

Boy Scouting in School

English Essay on "Boy Scouting in School"

Boy Scouts are young boys trained to perform useful service and help peoples. The girls who are trained for useful service form Girl Guide. The boys Up to ten years of age are called tender foot and the girls are called Brownies. Those who pass all the higher examinations like hiking and wood badge etc., are called Rovers.
Sir Baden Powell started the Scout Movement after retiring from army. The movement soon got momentum and was recognized all over the world. In every country Boy Scouts Associations were formed and boys and girls were encouraged to become boy scouts or girt guides.
Scouts are given training in various activities like cooking, swimming, signalling, climbing, hiking, tracing, lire fighting, first aid etc. In each of these activities they are tested and those who pass tests get a specially designed badge to wear for each item. The Boy Scouts movement is a very useful movement. It teaches the boys a sense of duty, discipline and devotion. It gives them a feeling of brotherhood. It helps in building character. It teaches them to help the needy without distinction of nationality, color or caste. It leaches them how to be a useful citizen, how to be able to face odds in life and how to serve the weak, the ailing and the handicapped. It teaches them cooperation and team work.
Scouts in Pakistan do many useful services. They lead big processions like Ashura procession or Eid-e-Milad-dun-Nabi procession. They control traffic during traffic week. They help people during floods, earthquakes and other natural calamities. They provide first aids to injured persons during fairs. They take care of lost children in fairs or processions and arrange to take them to their parents.
Scouting in Pakistan is well organized. All the school associations are affiliated to District Boy Scouts Association. The District Associations are affiliated to their respective provincial Association and the Provincial Associations are affiliated to all Pakistan Boy Scouts Association. The Chief Provincial Scouts and the Chief Scout of Pakistan are appointed by the President of Pakistan. At the Headquarters annual jamborees arc held. Scouts from various districts come to participate in these assemblies.

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