August 04, 2015

A Journey by Air

A Journey by Air

English Essay on "A Journey by Air"

Last summer vacation my uncle who is a surgeon at Halifax invited my family to visit him. He sent the air tickets and a sponsorship letter addressed to British High commission at Karachi undertaking to bear our expenses there. We got passports issued to us urgently and after much difficulty got three months visa.
One fine morning we reached Karachi airport to take the flight. At the airport formalities were completed and we were then led to the Departure lounge. When the announcer’s call for the passengers for Manchester bound NA flight came, we walked down the corridor to the plane where after showing the Boarding Cards we were taken in and led to our respective seats.
At the appointed time, the doors were shut and the plane began to move slowly. Then it reached the end of the airstrip and began to run. Soon it rose in the air and then began to fly at a height of thirty thousand feet. To peep down through the glass fitted windows was thrilling. The trees, the hills, and the houses looked very small. After an hour the plane got down at Dubai. We were allowed to go up to the airport building where there were some shops filled with foreign goods. We remained at Dubai for an hour.
From Dubai the plane took off and headed for Frankfurt. It was a long and tedious journey. The air hostesses served us breakfast, lunch and tea. Some passengers were served with wine also but we were given Coca Cola. Small television sets were fixed in the upper backside of each seat and we enjoyed the television shows specially shown on these sets. Whenever the plane took off got down or passed through clouds we were warned to fasten our safety belts. En the way to Frankfurt we met many aero planes flying towards Dubai. At about 2 p.m. local time we reached Frankfurt.
At Frankfurt we went up to the shopping centre specially constructed for passengers. Each shop was crowded with foreigners. We stayed at Frankfurt for an hour and then took off for Manchester. The plane flew over English channel and England. It flew so low that we could see ships, cars, roads, houses and gardens. At Manchester we got down the plane one by one and got our arrival reported at the counter. Then we went to the waking room. Our relatives were waiting for us. We stayed at Manchester for a few days and then went to Halifax by car.

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