July 15, 2015

A Visit to a Museum

A Visit to A Museum

English Essay on "A Visit to A Museum"

A museum is a place where objects illustrating antiquity, arts, science etc., are kept, exhibited and studied. In foreign countries there are museums for different articles such as railway museum, clock museum, fossil museum, natural history museum etc.
During last summer vacation I was with my uncle at Halifax. We went to London for a week. One day we went to see British Museum . The museum is kept in a huge building comprising of many storey’s.
The antiquities kept there are divided into sections, such as coins and medals section, Egyptian antiquities section, Greek and Roman Antiquities section, Medieval and Later antiquities section, western Asiatic antiquities section, Prehistoric Roman British Antiquities section and so on. Each section comprises of many rooms, each for different period or place.
In the coins sections coins and medals of different periods are kept. We saw coins of Macedon (357 BC) and Silver Coins of Akragas (421 B.C). Coins of Kanishka of India were also there. 4essay.blogspot.com
In Egyptian Antiquities section articles of different periods find dynasties are kept. We saw mummies kept in glass cases. We saw stone statue of Ramesses II, glass fish (1370 BC), cat goddess of bronze (600BC), a boat (1850 BC) and many other things.
In Greek and Roman Antiquities section, we saw statues, busts, vases, urns, paintings etc. The Portland Vase bearing the figure of Atlanta, and the head of Augustus made very beautifully, attracted our attention the most.
In the Medieval and Latin antiquities section a lot of things like Pegasus Vase, Venetian glass goblet and mosaic broach attracted us the most. In Western Asiatic Antiquities section, there were two rooms only for articles excavated at Nimrood. In them there were ivory carvings busts etc. A human headed winged bull (710 BC) was also there. This section comprised of 20 rooms. A goat and tree statue made about 2500 BC and the statue of a lion killing a negro were also there and impressed us the most.
In the oriental antiquities section a life size clay figure of a camel., Gandhara relics, a bronze statue of god Vishnu, a bronze ritual vessel (1200 BC) from china, looked grand. In Indian section we saw the royal robe and sword of Tippu Sultan, a hut containing all the articles used by an Indian farmers and other things. The museum was going to the closed at 5 P.M., so we left the museum and went to our hotel.

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