July 15, 2015

A Visit to a Zoo

A Visit to a Zoo

English Essay on "A Visit to a Zoo"

A zoo is a place where different animals from different countries are kept. In other countries arraignments are made to provide their natural surroundings to these animals but in Pakistan they are kept in cages.
One day our family decided to visit zoo. It opens at 0800 hrs in the morning. We bought entry tickets at the main gate and went inside. As we walked a little distance, we saw some zebras looking at us. These were kept in an open space fenced with iron bars. Not far away was an other iron fence covered with wires. In this fence we saw antelopes gazelles, and other kinds of deer. Sonic of them were homed. Some of these dears were grazing and other were looking at us. From there we came to a water pool covered on every side with thick wires. We saw flamingos, pelicans, different kinds of storks, cranes and other water birds like coots, herons, ducks etc. Most of them were busy in catching fish and swallowing them. We stood and saw them for some time. From there we came to a series of cages where parrots of white, crimson, and multi coloured plumage were kept. We had never seen such beautiful parrots. Some bad crowns on their heads. A few yard farther there were cages of falcon and eagles. Some of them were dreadfully big. One was bald. 4essay.blogspot.com
We, then, went to see tigers, hyena, leopards, lions, wolves and other carnivorous animals. They looked fearful. Some of them were walking to and fro but most of them were inside the rooms constructed for them. Nearby were the cages in which bears and grizzlies were kept. An obnoxious smelt came out of the cages.
We, then, went to see snakes kept in glass rooms. On the glass floor and walls, it was hard for them to creep. Nearby was the aquarium where we saw a lot of beautiful fish. We were astonished to see them. Some of those were multicoloured. From the aquarium we went to see otters kept in a pool. Not far away was a cage in which two lynxes were kept. They had spotted furs and short tails. We were now tired we walked out of the zoo and tested for quarter of an hour in a restaurant and then went home.

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