July 28, 2015

A Visit To a Hospital

A Visit To a Hospital

English Essay on "A Visit To a Hospital"

Last March I went with my cousin to see one of my relations who was a student of Dow Medical College and lived in the Hostel. He took us to his room and entertained us. Then we asked him to show round the Hospital.
First of all we went to the Emergency room. There were benches, chairs and cots lying in the verandah and nearby rooms. In two rooms doctors were examining the patients. Three doctors were attending to the injured people lying on the benches or cots and groaning. A nurse was arranging to transfuse blood plasma. A few patients were getting glucose or saline drips.
Then we went to surgical block. The block comprises of two three-storied buildings. On each of the storeys big rooms were constructed. In those rooms general patients were kept. On every storey there was a room where a doctor and a few nurses were present. The records of patients were kept in these rooms on a table. There was silence all over the area. Then we went to see the operation theatres. They were very tidy. In the centre of each of the two operation theatres there was a table covered with milk white sheet. Over the table there was a big round light apparatus having five bulbs inside and a reflector. An orderly was sitting near the tablet. 4essay.blogspot.com
Then we went to Neuro Surgery block. It comprised of a two storeyed building. Patients of paralysis, brain tumour and other grave brain diseases were kept there. Nearby stood the medical block. It comprised of there double storeyed buildings.
From there we went to Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation department. There we saw a lot of people getting exercises, diathermy, ultrasound massage and exercises on various specially designed apparatus. The special exercises for disabled persons were being given.
In the last we vent to see the kitchen room run under the supervision of a qualified dietitian. Male and female cooks were busy in cooking various items for the patients. It was hot inside. From the kitchen, we went to the hostel and took tea there.

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