July 15, 2015

A Picnic

A Picnic

English Essay on "A Picnic"

Last summer, when I was at Karachi, my uncle decided to go to Paradise Point for an outing (for picnic). We hired a bus for the entire day and reached there at 0800 hrs in the morning. We hired a hut there, took our breakfast consisting of toasts, Jam and tea and bought fresh water from some local resident at rupees ten a tin.
Then I, with my cousins, went for a stroll along the shore. We collected shells of different types and colours. Some conches were also collected. We talked of waves, storm, ships whales and sharks. Waves after waves came and wetted our feet which were without shoes. We moved a few steps up the beach but the waves chased us. By and by it was full tide.
After the stroll we decided to bathe but uncle did not allows us. He told us that the sea was high and stormy and it was not advisable to bathe. Reluctantly, we sat on the sand by the hut and played ludo for some time. Tired of ludo, we again went for a stroll. We met some other boys who had also come form Karachi for picnic. We talked about our schools, house and other things and then we decided to play Kabbadi. 4essay.blogspot.com
We played Kabbdi for an hour and then Went to our hut we were hungry. The lunch was delicious. After lunch we rested for an hour listening to music.
My cousins had brought a football. We began to play on the beach. Soon other boys from neighbouring huts joined us. We played a hearty game till we were tired. The sea had receded back by then. With the permission of uncle we entered the sea to bathe. He had given us a rope and had ordered us all to hold it during our stay in the water we were not allowed to go far or to swim. We enjoyed the waves that came one after another to drench us.
It was now evening. Local residents had come with ponies and camels. We sat on the camel in twos. The owner of the camel did not Lake us far. Then we had pony ride. All the money I and my cousins had in our pockets was all spent on these rides. We again went for a stroll along the shore and collected shells. By that time, the sun had set and it was dark. We decided to return and sat in the bus for the return journey.

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